Thinning Hair & Density Fill-In

This procedure is ideal for someone who has hair but has thinning throughout. It will create an illusion of thicker hair during each session by building up the pigment between the existing hair follicles.


With this procedure, we can recreate a natural or defined hairline, depending on the goal of the result. Each hairline is customized to the shape of the client’s facial structure and needs. A new hairline gives a more youthful appearance.


This procedure is for all types of Alopecia. It will range from small patches to complete and total hair loss. Our goal is to blend the patches seamlessly across the scalp.

Scar Camouflage & Transplant Scars

This procedure is for people with hair transplants or scars from an accident. Scars are made from thick layers of skin tissues, which do not always respond to pigment the way a normal scalp might. Clients may need an additional session or two to cover the scar adequately.